FAQ (Frequently asked questions (not really))

If there were questions that were frequently asked, it would be the following ūüôā


Q: What software do you use?

A: I use paint.net, which is a free image editor very similar to Gimp in functionality and interface. I highly recommend it for all image editing purposes. I’m not sure if it’s ideal for making drawings, but it works!

Q: What hardware do you use?

A: Mouse and keyboard + an old drawing tablet. The former I use for key shortcuts and coloring. The latter, a Wacom Bamboo CTL-470, is what I draw with!

Q: How do you make these?

A: Using paint.net, I first draw the background of the scene, and then color it. Once the background layer is completed, I start drawing characters and other props on the layer(s) above, before coloring them. I also shade when I feel like it. Having completed all the pictures, I check for any errors and correct them If i find any. When all is in order, I upload the finished product to this website!

Q: What font do you use in your comics?

A: Looks nice huh? NO it’s not Comic sans. It’s called Komika. I mainly use the variation: Komika “Slick”, but sometimes the others too. It’s royalty free, so it’s all good.

Q: Who’s that fellow with the mustache?

A: That’s Mustache Pie, my very own original fictional character! He’s a nice guy¬†and¬†a smart scientist. Also he’s a pie with a mustache.

Q: Why do you make these?

A: For fun, really.

Q: What’s the origin of your content?

A: I draw¬†a lot at school. So do two of my friends. We drew many things together each day, and we generated heaps of comics we’d laugh at and never finish. I thought up¬†some characters in a comic I made, and my friends also did that. We started incorporating each other’s characters in our comics, and later even started collaborating on larger comics together. Over the course of a year we had grown a large network of stories, characters and their backstories. All our comics were connected, in the same universe with the same characters. It was amazing. My cartoon characters and their characters has become our¬†characters.¬†Sadly, one of those friends is now attending another school, so it’s just me and my other friend now.

So, after seeing a cardboard box filled with unfinished comics by me and my two friends, and after realizing I had an empty farian.nl, I knew what I had to do.